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Torresol O&M

Our Operation and Maintenance company

Torresol O&M (TOM) is a company created by Torresol Energy, highly specialized in running solar thermoelectric plants. It is formed of a team of highly-qualified professionals, whose mission is to efficiently operate and maintain both plants with central tower technology and those with parabolic trough collectors. The combined experience of a large number of professionals over the past few years attests to the knowledge of Torresol O&M in the thermosolar arena.

Torresol Energy’s plants are extremely energy efficient, and have exceptional characteristics of availability and dispatchability (capacity to generate electricity according to the needs of the grid, thanks to thermal storage, which allows it to manage production on demand), which places the plants at the cutting edge of thermosolar energy generators worldwide. The high level of technology in Torresol Energy’s plants involves the installation of a significant amount of equipment and electromechanical and control systems, whose proper operation and maintenance is essential for the optimal running of the plants.

To do this, our objective at Torresol Energy is to not only use benchmark thermosolar technology, but also with the knowledge and specific techniques that allow us to operate and maintain this type of facilities in an optimal and efficient way.

The solutions applied by Torresol Energy in its solar thermoelectric plants are at the forefront of concentrated solar power (CSP). Proof of this can be seen in the Gemasolar plant, the first commercially-operated plant with the technology of a central tower with a molten salts receiver and a thermal storage system, based on solutions developed by SENER.

The combined experience of members of Torresol O&M is also used to train second-generation plant operators, such as those that SENER is building in Morocco and South Africa.