7 July, 2010

Torresol Energy’s Director of Technology, Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, collects the award for Research Promotion from the University of Almeria

The University of Almeria held the ceremony for its Award for the Promotion of Company – University Research on Tuesday 29 June. Among the winners of these awards, which were published at the end of 2009, is the company GEMASOLAR 2006, S.A., which received an acknowledgeemnt in the category of “Honorary Award for Companies and Institutions which are notable for their research activities conducted with the University of Almeria’.

Torresol Energy’s Director of Technology, Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, was in charge of receiving the award in the presence of the Dean of the University of Almeria, Pedro Molina García, the Chairman and the Secretary of the Social Council, Joaquín Moya Angeler-Cabrera and Trinidad Cabeo Rodríguez respectively, as well as of the Regional Delegate of Economy, Innovation and Science of the Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government of Andalusia), Sonia Rodríguez Torres.

After the event, Juan Ignacio Burgaleta noted “the importance of collaboration between universities and the private sector for promoting R&D, in particular in key industries for the Spanish economy, such as renewable energy, and the need for help from public institutions to promote this collaboration”.

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