18 November, 2009

Torresol Energy receives the CSP Today award in the Thermosolar Innovation category

Torresol Energy, 60%- and 40%-owned by SENER and Masdar, respectively, won the CSP Today award in the ‘Thermosolar Innovation’ category in the first edition of the CSP Today awards held yesterday in Seville. The award ceremony was held on November 11 at the gala event in the Hotel NH Convenciones of Seville. These awards are part of the 3rd Thermoelectric Solar Concentration Summit (CSP Today) which is being held in Seville on November 11 and 12.

The award goes to the Gemasolar thermosolar plant that Torresol Energy is building in Fuentes de Andalucía, in the province of Seville, the first commercial plant in the world with tower and main receiver technology that uses the molten salt storage system. Gemasolar presents multiple innovations, developed by SENER, which make it a ground-breaking plant, including the solar field that surrounds the tower to improve the performance of the 2,650 heliostats; the salt system, used as a heat transfer liquid and as a storage system, the latter boasting 15 hours of capacity; the high performance two axes drive for heliostats; a complex system of control of the plant’s main subsystems; a receiver whose thermal power is three times that which is used in other solar projects; and a pumping system capable of raising the salts 140 metres at temperatures of 565°. Moreover, plant operation is guaranteed for 25 years. Gemasolar opens up the way for a new thermosolar generation technology, as it will serve as a model for other plants with salt receiver towers, whose technology is clean and reliable, is relatively low-cost, and has the ability to produce electricity for major peaks in demand and the potential to cover the country’s growing needs. For all these breakthroughs, Torresol Energy was awarded the CSP Today award.

Torresol Energy played an active part at this event with the intervention of the Technology Director, Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, with the presentation “Gemasolar: Tower and molten salt receiver technology”.

SENER is also participating with a sample of the real part of the two axes drive for heliostats. Furthermore, SENER engineer Soledad Garrido will be participating today in the round table session with the talk entitled ‘CSP supply chain in depth – the key development”.

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