1 June, 2015

Torresol Energy provides training to UAE students in its solar thermal power plants

Four students from the United Arab Emirates studying Chemical, Nuclear, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in US universities will attend a training program between June 1 and 26 in Torresol Energy’s facilities, namely in the solar thermal plants Gemasolar as well as Valle 1 and Valle 2.

The students arrived in Spain on Monday, June 1, and visited on that very day the facilities of the SENER Group(which owns 60% of Torresol Energy), accompanied by the President of Torresol Energy, Enrique Sendagorta, and the company’s General Manager, Álvaro Lorente. They also had the opportunity to learn about other technologies, in which SENER specializes, such as the design and shipbuilding software FORAN that celebrates its 50 years in 2015 since the launch of its first version. Today, the software is global technology leader in the shipbuilding sector, being used in 40 countries. The students also gained an insight into the activities carried out by the Integration and Test Center, located in the SENER premises in Tres Cantos, for the assembly, integration and testing of equipment, mechanisms and subcomponents, especially for aerospace projects.

After visiting SENER, the students will be taken to Gemasolar, the pioneering facility in Seville featuring central receiver tower technology and a heliostat field, where they will be introduced to concentrated solar power technology and its various thermal fluids. After a few days of training at the facility, they will visit the plants Valle 1 and Valle 2, equipped with SENERtrough® parabolic trough technology, where they will be shown how this type of plant is developed and built, especially focusing on turnkey contracts.

During both visits, Torresol Energy will highlight the innovative technology developed by SENER, which has led these plants to become a global benchmark. Today, Gemasolar is a global icon for innovation and sustainability and both the facilities themselves and the companies that operate them, SENER and Torresol Energy, have received numerous awards for this project such as DESERTEC 2014, The European Energy Awards 2013 – which recognized SENER as Engineering Company of the Year for this project – and the Merit Award given by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), which included the facility among the best global engineering works of the past 100 years. As for the plants Valle 1 and Valle 2, they perform, similarly to Gemasolar, above expectations thanks to their molten salt storage technology, which allows them to continue producing electricity at night or in cloudy weather, turning solar energy into a dispatchable energy.

In addition to directly receiving training by Torresol Energy’s Operation and Maintenance team (Torresol O&M) and the technicians who have participated in the development and construction of these plants, visitors can enjoy an entertainment program to get to know the local culture.

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