27 September, 2012

Torresol Energy, Nominated for the CSP Today Seville 2012 Awards

Torresol Energy, a joint venture between the SENER engineering and technology group and Masdar, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, has been nominated for the CSP Today Seville 2012 Awards in the ‘CSP Dispatchability Solution’ category.

These awards are new recognition of Torresol Energy’s efforts to ensure that thermal energy is more competitive and efficient. The company already has three solar plants in Spain: Gemasolar in Seville and Valle 1 and Valle 2 in Cadiz.

Gemasolar, located in Fuentes de Andalucia, in the province of Seville, is the first commercial plant in the world with central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology. This system allows for the production of electricity at full power for 15 hours without sunlight. Solar power is thus converted into a manageable energy source capable of supplying the grid according to demand, regardless of whether it is nighttime or cloudy.

Valle 1 and Valle 2 are twin installations of 50 MW each that use parabolic trough collectors with a thermal storage system identical to Gemasolar’s, allowing them to operate at full power for 7.5 hours.

Torresol Energy promotes the technological development, construction, and operation and maintenance of large CSP plants around the world. The numerous innovations of the three plants it operates have once again earned its nomination for the CSP Today Awards, while it has previously won the awards for ‘CSP commercialized technology innovation 2011’ and ‘Most effective CSP project development 2011.’

The winners of this year’s edition of the CSP Today Seville Awards will be announced on November 13th during a ceremony at the Hotel Barceló Renacimiento in Seville.

SENER has supplied all the technological and engineering innovations in Gemasolar and Valle 1 and Valle 2, in addition to lead the construction, commissioning, and entry into commercial operation. SENER is a world leader in this sector, both in terms of state-of-the-art technological development and the size of its portfolio, with 25 plants already operating in Spain, the United States, and India, representing 1,500 MW of installed capacity.


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