30 October, 2017

Torresol Energy awards 11 training scholarships for students of San José del Valle

Torresol Energy, a company engaged in operating and maintaining thermal power plants, has awarded 11 training scholarships as part of the renewal of the collaboration agreement entered with the City Hall of San José del Valle in 2015. The scholarships award ceremony took place at the City Hall’s plenary chamber led by the municipality’s Mayor, Antonio González Carretero, the Deputy Mayor, Yolanda Aceituno Peña, and the Regional Manager of Torresol Energy, Ignacio Grimaldi Pastoril. 

By virtue of this agreement, Torresol Energy will collaborate with the City Hall between 2015 and 2019 in the training of residents registered in the area by means of training scholarships and thus broaden their professional development. This training activity is part of the corporate social responsibility plan that Torresol Energy has implemented in this community. 

Torresol Energy fulfils its commitment of awarding ten scholarships, which it extended to eleven due to academic reasons, to residents of the municipality with University studies in a technical area, Intermediate Vocational Training cycles and extraordinary awards in Secondary education in San José del Valle. However, the company already extended the number of scholarships to 11 in the previous edition, also due to academic reasons. 

For the academic year 2017-2018, scholarships have been awarded to the residents in San José del Vallés José Carlos Rodríguez Velasco (University student), Isaac Durán Ramírez (student of Advanced Vocational Training), Jaime Mariscal García, Daniel Jesús Expósito Pineda, David Lago Chacón, Cristóbal Toro Carrasco, Pablo Jesús García Vargas and José Manuel Erdozaín Alpresa (Vocational Training students), María Alberto Guerrero, Raquel Durán Sánchez and Marta Gil León (extraordinary awards in Secondary Education). 

Torresol Energy maintains a close collaboration with the social actors in the city of San José del Valle, where its plants Valle 1 and Valle 2 are located, two twin 50 MWe plants with SENERtrough® parabolic trough collectors. The molten salt storage system permits independent electrical generation for up to 7.5 hours without any solar feed, thus becoming a source of manageable energy capable of supplying to the grid based on power demand. Each of the plants will produce 160 GWh of clean and safe power per year, equivalent to the amount of power consumed by 40,000 households. Together, the two plants will cut CO2 emissions by approximately 90,000 tons/year. 

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