21 December, 2009

Torresol Energy and SENER will take part in WFES 2010

Both companies will be once again at this event showing the evolution of their solar projects, among them Gemasolar, Valle 1 and Valle 2, that are currently under construction. It is to mention that in November 2009 Gemasolar obtained the financial support of the European Investment Bank (EIB) that announced a EUR 80 million loan.

SENER and Torresol Energy Investment SA, owned 60% by the Spanish engineering group SENER and 40% by Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, ADFEC, company for the development of renewable energies launched by the investment company belonging to the Abu Dhabi Emirate, MUBADALA Development Company), will be present in WFES 2010 with a 50 sqm booth, in which they will offer information about SENER innovative technology in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and regarding the plants that Torresol Energy is currently promoting, all of them with SENER’s engineering. Among them Gemasolar, the flagship project of Torresol Energy, located in Seville. Once built, in 2011, the plant will supply clean and secure energy to 25,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30,000 tons a year. Gemasolar’s technology will be represented at WFES with a giant tower in the center of the booth. This plant is a global pioneer in the commercial application of CSP technology and the only existing commercial-scale solar power demonstration project based on a central tower receiver and heliostat field and an innovative molten salt heat storage system. This innovative technology has a great development potential and so it has been recognized by different financial entities such as Banco Popular Español, Banesto and ICO, and recently also the European Investment Bank (EIB), with a EUR 80 million loan. Besides, Torresol Energy promotes the plants Valle 1 and Valle 2, with CCP technology, that are also in construction, in Cádiz.

Torresol Energy’s main objective is to become a world leader in the CSP sector and its mission is to develop and operate major concentrated solar energy plants around the world, mainly in the so-called ‘Sun Belt’: Southern Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East and the south west of the USA, where Torresol Energy will promote tower plants with a central receiver tower system and with CCP technology. At the same time, each of Torresol Energy’s new projects will introduce and test new technologies to make CSP an economically competitive option and a real, viable, ecological and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. In this regard, conserving the environment for future generations is one of Torresol Energy’s foundational commitments.

Likewise, in the CSP sector, SENER has developed main innovations such as the use of molten salts as heat transfer fluid and as storage system, or the design of the cylindrical-parabolic collectors SENERtrough. SENER is currently participating in eleven solar thermal projects under construction, among them Andasol 1 and 2, which brings the company to the first places of this sector, both for its technology development and for the number of plants in process.

Stand 6205 ADNEC
Exhibition Centre January 18 to 21
Abu Dhabi

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