22 November, 2011

Torresol Energy and SENER to participate in the “Thermosolar Sector Business Opportunities” Seminar

Torresol Energy‘s Director of Technology, Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, will be responsible for delivering a lecture on the hiring needs facing thermoelectric companies.

Extremadura is a region with excellent potential for developing concentrated solar power projects. 9 of SENER’s 21 engineering and construction projects are located in this autonomous community: the three Extresol plants, the two Termosol plants, the Orellana plant and the three Samca plants. In the same vein, Torresol Energy, a company that develops solar power plants and conducts operation and maintenance, is looking to develop solar power plants in the region.

Torresol Energy is a company that promotes the technological development, construction, operation and maintenance of large concentrated solar power plants throughout the world. In addition to Gemasolar, Torresol Energy is currently developing two other plants, Valle 1 and Valle 2 in the province of Cádiz (Spain). Each of these 50 MW plants will employ parabolic trough collector technology, and each will produce 160 GWh of power per year, the amount of power consumed by 40,000 homes. Together, the two plants will cut CO2 emissions by 90,000 tons/year. Valle 1 and Valle 2 will commence commercial operations at the end of 2011.

Torresol Energy’s plants will help Spain reach its ‘Europe 2020’ targets for climate change and energy which call for reducing 20% of greenhouse emissions, increasing renewable energy sources as primary power sources by 20%, and reducing primary power consumption by 20% by improving energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, SENER is the world leader in the thermosolar power sector, as much for its high-tech development as for the number of projects in its pipeline, which exceeds 20 plants in Spain, in the US, and in India. Seven of these are already in commercial operation, among them the first plant to apply a thermal storage system in a central tower configuration with an array of heliostats, Gemasolar. SENER’s involvement in this innovative project is through Torresol Energy.

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