28 February, 2011

The Gemasolar plant, a model of sustainable energy development also in Australia

The non-governmental organization Beyond Zero Emissions, located in Australia, continues to show a special interest in the Gemasolar Plant’s technology, the first commercial plant in the world with a central tower receiver and molten salt storage system, which Torresol Energy has constructed in Seville. Amongst the latest initiatives, the organization has independently developed a model of the plant, which at this moment is in start-up phase and will begin operation in the next months.

The ecologist organization, which was visiting the plant in 2009, has recommended Gemasolar’s technology to the Australian government on several occasions for making manageable a renewable source such as solar energy, capable of supplying according to demand, unlike others, such as wind energy, without storage possibilities. Thanks to its advanced technology, Gemasolar, a less than 20 MW plant, may continue producing energy during 15 hours without solar radiation, at night or in cloudy weather, which means that its annual production is similar to a 50 MW plant without thermal storage. Once in commercial operation in 2011, Gemasolar will supply clean and safe energy to 25,000 homes and will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30,000 tons.

The technological revolution implied by Gemasolar has been covered on the news, in reports and in interviews on Beyond Zero Emission’s channels, from their webpage to their radio of national scope. It has also been included in the organization’s reports, such as the “Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan”, wherein the opinion of expert groups from companies and institutions in the renewable energy industry, as well as from universities, is included. Santiago Arias, Technical Director of Torresol Energy O & M is amongst these experts.

Beyond Zero Emissions (http://beyondzeroemissions.org/) is an independent, non-profit organization, whose goal is to establish the steps which should be followed to implement solutions for the climatic change which are capable of rapidly reducing emissions and giving society and the global ecosystem and opportunity to survive in the future. The organization carries out educational campaigns based on their research.

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