R&D investment | Torresol Energy

R&D investment

At Torresol Energy we focus our R&D activities on:

  • Studying advanced assistance systems for running and maintaining plants, aimed at reducing operational costs.
  • Promoting the development and exploitation of large solar plants that are cost-effective and efficient across the world, serving as a field for testing and experimenting with new developments, as an essential prior step to commercializing the technological advances needed to optimize costs.

Thus, for example, the Valle 1 and Valle 2 plants accommodated the operational test of the SENERtrough®-2 collector prototype, developed and patented by SENER, which increases the size, technical provisions and competitiveness of the previous SENERtrough® systems, which was universally installed in the first generation of parabolic trough plants in Spain. SENERtrough®-2 has been employed by SENER for building the next generation of plants in South Africa and Morocco.

Likewise, in the Gemasolar solar field certain prototypes of the HE-54 heliostat have been installed. Developed by SENER, these heliostats have 50% more surface area for collecting solar radiation, along with new operating mechanisms, allowing this component to be validated for mass usage in the Noor III central tower project, which SENER is currently constructing in Morocco.

Torresol Energy’s contribution to the operation and maintenance of these prototypes has been essential for confirming their validity.