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Power demand has largely been sustained, for more than a century, by burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and petroleum products.

The need to find new energy sources is motivated by:

  • The high cost and difficulty in guaranteeing the supply of these traditional sources.
  • The increasing demand of energy caused by global economic growth and, in particular, that which comes from emerging economies.
  • The increase in global warming.

Solar power, a reliable alternative

The sun represents one of the most promising sources of energy for replacing fossil fuels. Solar power is abundant, inexhaustible and free, and is more predictable than wind power. Thus, solar power has been highlighted as being one of the technological options that will significantly contribute to covering the worldwide energy demand with high ‘environmental returns’.

The energy value of solar radiation can be exploited directly, or converted into other forms of useful energy using solar technologies. Solar power offers a large number of technological options with developments that must be strengthened. In the specific case of solar thermoelectric energy, the operations of the first commercial plants in Spain has consolidated the market of large-scale thermal storage systems, which sets this renewable energy apart from other renewable sources.

In this regard, the technological evolution of solar power and the price increases of fossil fuels, in the medium and long term, will allow for competitive solutions from thermosolar plants or hybrid plants with other fossil or renewable energies.

A clear example of the development of solar power in Spain, combining four determining factors: a significant technological background, thanks to research and development projects carried out in the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA); an abundant solar resource; legislation in force that allowed for reasonable returns from the promotor’s investments; and an industrial sector that is interested and involved in R&D and innovation projects.

And so, in Spain, concentrated solar power (CSP) set off on a similar path to wind energy, allowing it to become one of the energies of the future, and consolidating a position of global leadership for Spanish companies.

At Torresol Energy we are committed to a new future of power generation systems based on solar thermoelectric or concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, whose primary source is inexhaustible. Our plants also store heat to achieve manageable renewable energy, offering a high value for the electricity system due to the fact that it does not need to have a back-up supply of fossil fuels.