30 April, 2009

SENER and Torresol Energy will be present at the 2009 European Future Energies Forum

Between June 9th and 11th, market leaders in the renewable energy sector will participate in the European Future Energy Forum (EFEF), which will be held in the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC). SENER and Torresol Energy, who are considered to be the top companies in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), will be amongst those present. Torresol Energy is presently working on three CSP projects, being one of them Gemasolar, the 17 MW plant being built in Seville. Besides, SENER has been involved in seven CSP projects to date, and both for its technology as well as the number of projects in progress, is renowned as one of the top engineering companies in this sector.

During the forum, both companies will share a 100 sqm booth in which they will display models of their projects, such as Torresol Energy’s flagship Gemasolar plant, a SENER-designed heliostat, a high precision dual axis actuator mechanism for central tower receiver, Stirling dish and high concentration photovoltaic plants. Likewise, part of a patented design SENERtrough cylindrical-parabolic collector will be on display. In addition, managers and technicians from each company will be spotlighted in conferences and will participate in forum and round table discussions.

This will be the second large international renewable energy forum in which SENER and Torresol Energy will have participated this year. During the first major forum this year, Abu Dhabi WFES 09, both companies announced the start of construction on the Gemasolar plant. The plant is owned by Torresol Energy and is being built as part of an EPC “turn key” contract in a partnership between SENER and AMSA, which is an ACS Cobra affiliated company. In this flagship project, which marks the first commercial plant in the world with central tower and heliostat technologies as well as molten salt storage systems, SENER is responsible for providing the technology, detailed design and plant start-up. The technology includes providing the receiver, which is a critical component in this type of plants given the fact that it is capable of absorbing 95% of the radiation in the sun’s spectrum and transmitting this energy to the salt compound that circulates inside it. In addition, the technology will include the Sensol software program for dimensioning and optimizing the plant. It will also supply the innovative molten salt thermal storage system which is capable of reaching temperatures of over 500 ºC.

During EFEF, SENER and Torresol Energy will present new projects and technological developments in the CSP sector.

SENER and Torresol Energy at EFEF 09
From June 9th to 11th, 2009
Booth number B25
Bilbao Exhibition Center

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