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Ignacio Grimaldi

Head of the company’s relations with authorities, entities and businesspeople – on the local and regional level – related to the development, construction and operation of the group’s thermosolar power plants and projects in the region.

Having been a part of Torresol Energy since its creation, Gramaldi’s responsibilities were focused around various aspects of developing the plants: From locating and negotiating their sites to relations that are still maintained with regional and local administrations, along with various related entities in the sector, going through the full process of managing all the required authorizations, licenses and agreements.

Before joining Torresol Energy, he developed his career in the field of R&D for the electricity sector, closing agreements for the development of R&D projects with the main electricity companies in Spain, obtaining the necessary funding and managing these projects. This phase ended with the first development of a thermosolar project in Spain in collaboration with the world’s most important solar R&D centers, and with several multinationals, as part of the creation of what would end up being the first power plant of Torresol Energy.

Born in Cádiz in 1963, Grimaldi has a law degree from the University of Navarre, and an MBA from the International San Telmo Institute (Seville).

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