14 November, 2014

Gemasolar receives the CSP Today 2014 award in the category ‘CSP Dispatchability solution’

The Gemasolar solar plant, owned by Torresol Energy, a group specializing in the construction of highly efficient concentrated solar power plants, has received the CSP Today award in the “CSP Dispatchability solution” category. This recognition focuses again on the high-temperature thermal energy storage innovative solution development by SENER and selected for Torresol Energy, which allows its plants to supply power to the grid depending on the demand and regardless of solar radiation. Thanks to this storage capacity, a renewable power source like solar energy becomes dispatchable. As a matter of fact, Gemasolar, is today the only solar thermal plant worldwide capable of producing energy round the clock exclusively by means of solar power.

SENER Consultant Juan Ignacio Burgaleta collected the award in the framework of the CSP Today Sevilla 2014summit that was held on November 12 and 13 in this regional capital city, where both Torresol Energy and its stockholder SENER, which is a worldwide leader in the development of CSP projects. It is worth mentioning that the event includes a guided visit to the Gemasolar facility for all the participants on November 14.

The CSP Today international awards have been recognizing since 2009 the industry´s achievements. Since then, they have distinguis in several occasions the technological achivements of Torresol Energy, as well as of its plants Gemasolar, with central tower technology, and Valle 1 and Valle 2, with parabolic trough technology. These awards have focused specially in the improvements in CSP dispachability.

Therefore, in 2013 Torresol Energy won the “CSP Dispatchability Solution” award, in 2012, the “CSP Dispatchability Solution” award, in 2011, the categories “Commercialized Technology Innovation” and “Most Effective Project Development”, and, in 2009, the “CSP innovation” award, all of them at the CSP Today Seville awards. In 2011, it also received the US CSP Today award in the category of “Commercialized Technology Innovation USA”.

It is noteworthy that the most innovative technology used in Torresol Energy’s plants has been developed by SENER, which has also been responsible for leading the turnkey or EPC contract, the commissioning of the plants as well as the development of the basic and detailed engineering involved in the projects.

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