14 October, 2015

Diego Ramírez, new Managing Director of Torresol Energy

Torresol Energy, a group that develops and operates thermoelectric solar plants with high innovative content, has appointed Diego Ramírez as its new Managing Director.

Ramírez will be in charge of making sure Torresol Energy meets its strategic objectives and supervising both the production and operations of the group’s current facilities – Gemasolar (Seville), the first commercial solar plant in the world with central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology, and Valle 1 & Valle 2 (Cádiz), all of which have technology from the SENER Group – and the activities of Torresol O&M, a company that specializes in operating and maintaining thermoelectric solar power plants.

A Mining Engineering graduated at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) with a specialization in Energy and Fuels, Ramírez has been part of the Torresol Energy team since 2009. He was the Project Manager for Gemasolar during its construction phase before being promoted to Production Director for the group’s three thermoelectric solar power plants, Gemasolar and Valle 1 & Valle 2, a position he has held up to now.

Ramírez’s most notable achievements as Production Director of the three facilities include Gemasolar’s improved production, which surpassed all expectations in 2014, and a general increase in the efficiency of the three facilities, which have optimized their processes up to their maximum operating capacity.

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