15 November, 2012

A delegation of CSP Today Seville, consisting of 100 people, visit Gemasolar

Gemasolar, the first plant in the world to combine tower receiver technology with molten salt thermal storage, received today, for the second year running, the visit of a delegation of 100 attendees to the concentrated solar power conference CSP Today Seville, held in November from 13 and 14.

During the visit, the delegation was hosted by Santiago Arias, Technical Director of Torresol Operation & Maintenance; and Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, Technology Director of Torresol Energy. Attendees were able to know both Gemasolar plant, the promoter Torresol Energy and SENER’s solar technologies, its shareholder in a 60%.

The tour started in the city of Fuentes de Andalucia, town where the plant is located and then attendees were able to take a guided tour of the facilities of Gemasolar, where they were explained the operation and the technical details of the plant.

Gemasolar is the first commercial plant in the world to use the high temperature tower receiver technology together with molten salt thermal storage of very long duration. Since entering commercial operation in May 2011, the plant has received numerous institutional visits and visits from media who were interested in its technological innovations.

Gemasolar was the first project of Torresol Energy to enter into operation in May 2011 and has an installed capacity of 19.9 MW of power being capable of supplying 110 GWh per year. Thus, it generates enough power to supply 27,500 households. Also, being a clean energy, it reduces by more than 30,000 tons per year the CO2emissions.

Moreover, this week the management of Torresol Energy has been recognized with the final prize in the CSP Today Seville awards in the CSP Dispatchability 2012 Solution’ category. These awards are a new recognition of Torresol Energy’s efforts to ensure that thermal energy is more competitive and efficient. The company already has three solar plants in Spain: Gemasolar in Seville and Valle 1 and Valle 2 in Cadiz. The three of them, although there are still in their learning period since they entered into commercial operation, have been able to export more than 100 million KWh each to the grid.

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