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Social commitment

Encouraging social benefits

For us, our social commitment is closely tied to our ability to ensure an economic benefit, year after year, to allow us to continue investing in R&D. Large solar thermoelectric plants, such as the ones that Torresol Energy constructs and operates, require significant investments and strong technological developments to increase their efficiency.

The benefits of our plants have a direct impact on society, through:

  • The supply of clean and safe energy.
    More than 100,000 homes
    benefitting from the energy produced by Gemasolar, Valle 1 and Valle 2; solar thermoelectric plants commercially operating in the south of Spain.
  • Job creation.
    The construction and exploitation of concentrated solar power plants by Torresol Energy has created new jobs, which has contributed to revitalizing the economy and generating wealth. Torresol Energy’s Operation and Maintenance Team (TOM) and its associates are formed of over 100 people, to which we can add the indirect impact on tertiary sectors in the plants’ respective areas of influence.

Collaboration and Agreements with local authorities. Torresol Energy has entered into collaboration agreements with local entities, to fund youth training in technical training programs and Engineering Degrees, with a view to promote the development of the social tapestry of the municipalities around the plants, and to nurture knowledge in each community.

Serious Accident Policy

Access to the measures approved by the management of the Torresol Energy group through which extends its commitment to the protection of its employees and society.