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Environmental commitment

Respecting the environment

Protecting the environment for future generations is one of Torresol Energy’s foundational commitments. In this regard, our plants incorporate pioneering technological solutions for obtaining viable, clean, environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy.

Our objective is to develop and operate efficient solar thermoelectric plants, so as to actively contribute to the evolution of the electricity generation system towards a renewable and sustainable model.

We emphasize our respect and concern for protecting the environment and the proper development of our working environment. For this reason, we commit to observing environmental aspects in all our activities, using innovation and continual improvement to provide the organization, methods and tools needed to develop efficient plants that minimize the environmental impact.

Our commitment is based on the following Basic Performance Principles:

  • Compliance with the legal requirements and others of an environmental nature applicable to the Torresol Energy Group.
  • Integration into the Corporate Strategic Plan of our Environmental Management System.
  • Protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the commitment with respect to the context in which the organization undertakes its activities.
  • Application of the continuous improvement principle to our environmental performance.
  • Precise planning to meet specific objectives and goals, bringing in external collaborators and suppliers under the principle of common interests.
  • Active and responsible involvement of all the people who make up the Torresol Energy Group, providing the appropriate training to facilitate their compliance and foster their participation, promoting the use of the most suitable environmental techniques and recognizing and valuing the achievements.
  • Establishing efficient and constructive communication and participation channels with Public Administrations, Non-Governmental Organizations, shareholders, customers, local entities and other stakeholders.

In 2017, Torresol Energy reorganized its activities in the environmental field, integrating them with the area of energy regulation, in order to give them greater uniformity and coherence.

Torresol Energy has continued with the improvement of its environmental performance, establishing objectives for 2017 intended to reduce consumption and minimize waste generation. Likewise, it has impacted on the improvement of the mechanisms to be activated in the event of an environmental incident, by undertaking training programs and drills and providing new resources. The overall degree of compliance with the objectives at a corporate level has exceeded 87%.

In 2018 Torresol Energy continues to work on the ongoing improvement of its environmental performance.

Environmental Policy

Access to the measures approved by the management of the Torresol Energy group through which extends its commitment to the environment and environmental protection.