Commitment to health and safety | Torresol Energy

Commitment to health and safety

Support prevention

Our objective at Torresol Energy is to develop and operate efficient solar thermoelectric plants, so as to actively contribute to the evolution of the electricity generation system towards a renewable and sustainable model.

Torresol Energy is aware of the commitment taken by the people who comprise this company, as well as everybody who collaborates in its daily activities. As a highly strategic priority objective, this commitment leads us to identify excellence in Health and Safety for all our activities, from the moment of the earliest planning right up to the exploitation phase.

Integrated Safety is the fundamental tool that we use to elaborate our Occupational Risk Prevention Policy. Our objective is to continually improve working conditions and protection levels for everybody with whom we collaborate in developing Torresol Energy. We firmly believe that all occupational accidents and illnesses can be avoided, which is why we work solidly towards this objective.

Our commitment is based on the following Basic Performance Principles:

  • Encourage the participation of everybody who collaborates in developing Torresol Energy’s daily activities.
  • Promote preventative culture though continually informing and training people, with a view to build awareness of the impact of work on our health and that of those around us.
  • Keep prevention plans in all our facilities up to date and in operation, and establish the resources needed to reach the objectives and commitments laid out in our policy.
  • Analyze situations of risk and accidents that have taken place, and never accepting them as conditions of the job; their analyses must always result in specific actions aimed at reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Extend the application of this management model to all our collaborations, as part of a common commitment to continually improve management and results around occupational health and safety, enabling efficient communication and coordination channels.
  • Guarantee compliance both with applicable legislation regarding prevention and with our own requirements, being rigorous in following this management model.
  • Promote the development of new technologies, processes and working methods that result in reduced exposure to risks.
  • Establish and maintain close collaborations with different Public Administrations, with a view to being a benchmark in the sector.

Health and Safety Policy

Access to the measures approved by the management of the Torresol Energy group through which extends its commitment to prevention of accidents and safety requirements.