History | Torresol Energy


Torresol Energy started to take shape in 2007, when SENER decided to develop its own solar thermoelectric facilities and apply its most innovative technological developments in them, thus allowing them to test their efficiency on a commercial scale. Thus, SENER committed to investing in its own technology in the long term, building and operating the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective solar thermoelectric plants. To undertake this important task, the company identified MASDAR as the perfect partner. Both companies shared the same vision on developing thermoelectric solar power. Given that it came from an inexhaustible, completely clean and globally abundant source, and thanks to technological advances that allowed it to be manageable, and also having managed to store it in the form of heat, the companies were aware that it could become one of the main sources of energy on a global level.

As a result, Torresol Energy was founded in 2008, 60% of which being held by SENER and the remaining 40% by MASDAR.

In 2008 they started to build the Gemasolar plant in the province of Seville (Spain). In spring 2009 they started to build two more plants in the province of Cádiz (Spain); Valle 1 and Valle 2, equipped with parabolic trough collectors, specifically with the SENERtrough® system.

For all of these projects, which were set in motion throughout 2011, and whose investment practically reached 1 billion euros, Torresol Energy closed long-term funding lines under the ‘Project Finance’ method, which gave it the continued support of both Spanish and international financial institutions.

The company’s operational efficiency allowed it to negotiate regulatory changes, adapting the financial structure of the businesses to the new environment, thus making it possible to continually exploit the facilities and ensure their profitability.


10 years leading solar thermoelectric energy

  • 2001. Participation in the demonstration project of Solar Tres technology.
  • 2005. Tests at the Solar Platform of Almeria.
  • 2006. Constitution of Gemasolar and reservation of the lands.
  • 2007. Constitution of Valle 1 & Valle 2 and reservation of the lands.
    Joint venture between SENER and MASDAR.
  • 2008. Torresol Energy constitution.
  • 2009. Pre-registration of projects in the Spanish Ministry of Industry.
    Gemasolar and Valle 1 & Valle 2 works start.
  • 2010. Project Finance Deal of the year award.
    Torresol Operation & Maintenance (TOM) creation.
  • 2011. Commisionings of Gemasolar, Valle 1 & Valle 2.
    Official opening of Gemasolar.
    US CSP Today award in the ‘Commercialized Technology Innovation of the year’ category.
    CSP Today award in the categories ‘Commercialized Technology Innovation 2011’ and ‘Most Effective Project Development 2011’.
  • 2012. Gemasolar, European Environment award.
    CSP Today Seville award in the category of ‘CSP Dispatchability Solution 2012’.
  • 2013. Gemasolar achieves uninterrupted production for 36 consecutive days.
    FIDIC award.
    CSP Today award in the category ‘CSP Dispatchability Solution’.
  • 2014. Torresol Energy accumulates a production of more than 1,000,000 MWh.
    DESERTEC award.
    CSP Today 2014 award in the category ‘CSP Dispatchability solution’.
  • 2015. Gemasolar represents Spain at COP 21.
  • 2016. Solar Impulse flies over Gemasolar and takes a picture.
  • 2017. Historical record of production in Valle 1 & Valle 2.
    Torresol Energy accumulates a production of more than 2,000,000 MWh.
  • 2018. Torresol Energy’s tenth Anniversary:
    · 100,000 households supplied with clean and safe energy.
    · 650,000 tons of CO2 saved to the atmosphere.

10 years of history

Download the timeline with the main landmarks of Torresol Energy in its ten years of history.