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About us

The company Torresol Energy was founded in 2008 with a view to promote the technological development, construction, use and maintenance of large concentrated solar power (CSP) plants throughout the world.

After its first development phase, the company’s activities involved three SPVs (GEMASOLAR, ARCOSOL and TERMESOL), which own other operative plants in Spain, Gemasolar, Valle 1 and Valle 2, and an operating company, Torresol Energy Operation & Maintenance (TOM), which is responsible for running the aforementioned facilities under the principles of maximum safety, efficiency and environmental respect.

To do this, the company works with new technologies for each new project, with a view to turn this energy into a viable, economically competitive and environmentally-friendly alternative with respect to traditional energies.

The objective of Torresol Energy is to achieve excellence in operating and maintaining its solar thermal power plants, thus contributing to the development and improvements of competitiveness in this technology.

  • Gemasolar, the world’s first plant that works on a commercial scale with a central tower receiver and a thermal storage system, located in Fuentes de Andalucía (Seville), running at a power of 17 MWe
  • Valle 1 and Valle 2, two plants that run at 50 MW each, with SENERtrough® parabolic trough collectors, located in San José del Valle (Cádiz).

All of Torresol Energy’s plants are equipped with heat storage, which allows them to deliver electricity even during prolonged absences of radiation (nights), giving their product (kWh from a renewable origin) a unique quality in the sector, in guaranteeing programmable and manageable energy.

The technological advances of Torresol Energy’s innovative plants have been developed by SENER, the leading company in the solar thermoelectric energy sector, both in terms of the number of projects in its portfolio and for its cutting edge technological solutions.

The origins of Torresol Energy

Torresol Energy was founded in 2008 at as a result of a collaboration between SENER, a multinational company and the Spanish leader in engineering and technology (with a 60% holding in the company), and MASDAR, an alternative energies company from Abu Dhabi (with a 40% holding).

SENER contributes all of its experience in developing state-of-the-art technology, which has placed it among the top engineering companies in the world.