Torresol Energy Investments
  • Our mission is to develop solar energy through investments in efficient and profitable solar concentration plants

  • We are pioneers in technology that differentiates it from the rest of thermoelectric solar plants

    Own technologies

  • We bring clean energy to more than 90,000 homes every year

Our scope

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Gemasolar is the world’s first commercial-scale plant that applies the technology of a central tower receiver and thermal storage with a single thermal fluid (molten salts). The relevance of this plant resides in its technological uniqueness, as it paved the way towards a new, more efficient technology for thermosolar power generation.

  • 27,500 households receive this clean and safe energy.
  • 28,000 t / year of CO2 emission savings
  • 80 GWh annual electricity generation.
  • Thermal storage system: the storage tank of hot salts allows a generation autonomy of up to 15 hours without solar contribution.


Valle 1 y Valle 2

Valle 1 and Valle 2 are two twin adjacent solar plants that generate electricity by means of SENERtrough® parabolic trough collectors, whereby solar radiation is concentrated into a central collector with thermal oil circulating through it..

  • 80,000 households receive this clean and safe energy.
  • 95,000 t/year of CO2 emission savings
  • 145 GWh annual electricity generation per plant.
  • Thermal storage system: each of the plants has 7.5 hours of capacity, which supports the stability of the electric network during 2,900 annual hours at full capacity.


Own technologies

The Torresol Energy plants have a pioneering technology that differentiates them from other thermoelectric solar plants and converts them into a viable alternative, in relation to conventional sources.

Central Tower

Torresol Energy is a pioneer in the application of technological solutions for central tower and heliostat plants, such as the high concentration receiver system and the high temperature thermal storage in molten salts.


Parabolic trough sensors

Torresol Energy builds plants with parabolic trough collector technology in which it incorporates a thermal storage system in molten salts. This system that enables them to achieve a very high annual utilization coefficient.


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The environment, safety and health are underlying mainstays of the activity of Torresol Energy.